help:tag creation policy

Users may create and define new tags as they see fit, within the restrictions outlined below:

  • The new tag must not be on the "Forbidden Tags" list below.
  • The new tag must serve a purpose. Obviously.
  • The new tag must not overlap with a tag that already exists.
  • The new tag must not be of a subject already sufficiently covered by combinations of existing tags.
  • The new tag must not be subjective.
    • No tags like "great_tits" or "bad_art".
  • The new tag must not pertain only to a particular user.
    • With the exception of artist and original character tags.
  • The new tag must only cover a single entity/concept.
    • No tags like "femsub_with_femdom" or "girl_with_blue_hair_and_guy_with_green_hair".
HypnoHub Administrators and Moderators still have the final say on tags.

Forbidden Tags

These are very particular tags that are forbidden from use on the site for some reason or another.

  • hypnosis, mind_control
    • Applies to literally every post on the site.
  • female, male
    • Covered sufficiently by the femsub/dom and malesub/dom tags.

Tag Help

If you have any questions or concerns regarding a new tag or new tag idea, post about them on the new Official Tags Thread.

It's important to note that pretty much any tag commonly used on Gelbooru can be adopted on this site without worry if it is defined on their tag wiki. In fact, it is preferred that we adopt tags from Gelbooru whenever possible, instead of reinventing the wheel.
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