help:tagging guidelines

We require that any uploaded pics have at least all of the following tags where applicable.

Note: To tag an existing image, click the "Edit" button below the pic. You can then add or remove tags from the "Tags" field. Click "Save changes" when you are finished. For help with tag classification, read the tag classification howto page.

If a post contains loli or shota content, you must tag it upon upload.

Tag the name of the character. Use the character's full name (at least first and last). Tag characters based on which of their names (western or eastern) is more popular to western audiences. If this is not known, default to their eastern names. In either case, use western name order. If you do not know a character's name, you may use a character_request tag. In any case, feel free to request an alias for their eastern name (in western naming order) if their eastern name is not being used as the tag, or vice-versa.

Copyright (Series)
If the character in the pic is licensed, please tag the name of the copyright/series he/she appears in. You can use a copyright_request tag if you're unsure.

When tagging the copyright, use the Western name of the series (this doesn't mean you have to translate the Japanese name to English, if there's no official Western name, use the Japanese one). ANN can be used to find the series' official name (in the case of anime). If there is a discrepancy between the manga name and anime name, default to the anime.

Note: Do not bother tagging the_jungle_book on Kaa pics unless the character he's with is also from The Jungle Book. Anyone looking for Kaa pics is just going to search for his character tag.

If you know the artist of the pic, tag it with his/her name. If the pic is a manip, you may include the manipper's name in this format: name_(manipper). If the pic is from a product released under a circle, or if the pic itself was released under a circle, add the circle's tag as well.

If the method of induction is visible, tag it. Feel free to look around at the induction tags that are currently being used. We want to make sure everyone can easily find their favorite types of induction. So, let's all try to agree on specific tags. Examples of induction tags are magic, pendulum, hypnotic_eyes, etc.

Obvious Signs of Control
Most of these would be what I like to call eye tags: empty_eyes, spiral_eyes, whitewash_eyes, kaa_eyes, etc. I would also tag things like zombie_walk.

If a particular MC sub-fetish such as Corruption or Bimbofication is prevalent in the pic, tag it. Please use nouns when doing so. (i.e.: bimbofication instead of bimbofied or similar).
Any other prominent fetishes - things like bondage, human pet, furry, futa, etc. - should be tagged as well.

Please use femdom for any pic with a female in control, and femsub for any pic with a female being controlled. Use the same logic with maledom and malesub. If a character is a futanari, then add the futasub or futadom tags as necessary, as futanari are considered their own gender for the sake of tagging. Please do not guess the gender of the sub or dom if there are no clear indicators.

In addition to the above, here are a few other things to keep in mind when tagging.

  • Any pics featuring real people (as in photographs) must be tagged as "real".
  • Any pics with no noticeable anime characteristics should be tagged "western". This will apply mostly to pics of western cartoons. 3-dimensional images are exempt.
  • Tag manips with manip. Do not use text_manip, however. Instead, tag any text manips with both the "text" and "manip" tags.
  • Try to tag only what you can see in the post! The only exception to this is if a tag requires knowledge outside of the image itself to determine if the tag should be used or not. Good examples of tags like this are "corruption" or "adult", as it's impossible to know whether or not to use these without knowing what the character in question is supposed to be like.
  • When deciding whether or not to tag something that only appears in text in a post (i.e. a text manip), keep this in mind: Tags for things that appear in text which are conceptual (dom/sub genders, methods of control, etc.) can be added. However, "Object" tags, which are tags that are usually included because of something being visible in the image (clothing, characters, etc.), are not to be tagged if they do not appear in the image, even if text mentions them.
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