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Queen Bee's Campaign: More than One Way
With the best tracker in the world at her beck and call, Queen Bee decided it was time to tie off loose ends. With Catman and Scandal in tow, she headed off to Gotham City, were her thralls would pick up The Question's trail and shut her down before the runaway detective could unravel Bee's new network of covert assets within the superhero community.
Still, even a queen's plans don't always work out the way she'd hoped, and the shadows of Gotham cab get awfully crowded at times...

    Running into Thomas Blake while she was shadowing her way toward her night's mark was a headache Selina Kyle did not need. His immediate hostile response to her presence was a reaction she was not prepared for. His fighting skills proving more than a match to her own was a surprise she did not welcome. And, when she groggily woke up in his arms in an unfamiliar room, the regal female voice that washed over her was one she could not disobey.