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Now here's a really obscure (also pretty dark) pic I just found.
For context, one of the victims in the very first Kindaichi case was found hanging from a tree, only her footprints were found going from her window towards the tree, stumping the investigation on how she was killed and taken out of her room. At some point one of the characters imagines the killer hypnotized her into walking outside her room.

Obviously that's not what actually happened, but here the artist here drew a "what if" scenario with her hypnotized for real, even pointing out how she looks cute with a dazed expression.

Yeah, I know this is pretty grim, and the fact that she died detracts from what would otherwise be a pretty hot pic (does this warrant the nightmare fuel tag?), but I figured I might as well post it. Like the artist said, she does look pretty cute mindlessly walking half-dressed in the rain, if you ignore the context and the noose.
"Your thoughts Yosuke?"

"Nooses are bad."

im gladd stuf like this is in the hub, I hope the usual crybabies stay away and let it be