05/20/24 01:44PM
RP for an OC
Hi! I'm looking for partners to explore an OC with. She has enormous lips and is devoid of self. She instantly follows, worships and even changes personality to please the most dominant presence around her at any given moment, submissively assimilating to them entirely. However the moment she is left alone or ignored without given a task her mind instantly goes blank and her body freezes into a catatonic stupor until she is spoken to again. This also allows her to be used as furniture, decoration, living prop, etc.
05/26/24 05:15PM
Bad Endings rp
I'm looking for anyone who could play one (or preferably more than one) female character who gets into different bad endings depending on the scenario. Cannon characters from different universes (anime, manga, comics, games and movies) are also fine with me as I can write scenarios for those as well depending on the source material

Scenes could include being hypnotized into servitude by a stronger adventurer, fucked and possessed by a slime, captured and bred by goblins or all manner of monsters. But fantasy isn't all I've got as I have ideas for more Sci-Fi bad endings too.

Kinks and limits can be discussed in dms as well as where the rp will happen (I prefer discord but I'm not against rping here.) Though as said above priority will be given to those who can play multiple different characters (sometimes in the same scene for threesomes, foursomes or more.)
06/08/24 01:12PM
Any and all possibilities ! <3
Hey ya'll ! just posting a quick add here !

Im your usual hypno-slut around here ;p Rp-wise im limitless (I mean it) Im able to write a fair bit, but I can't do more than one paragraph, even then one is a bit hard for me at times ^^' depends what im given !

Im pretty kinky if I do say so myself~ Im sub leaning but I can dom ! I can rp any gender but I prefer to rp female characters. I much prefer playing canon characters insteadd of OC's personally, but I also strangely prefer if my character plays an oc. Well, depends on the situation. For example if my partner wants to play Kafka, I would never say no ;p

As for the fandoms I know...

Undertale/deltarune, FNaF (don't ask), Honkai star rail, My hero academia, attack on titan, Jojo's, Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Fate (not all of it), demon slayer, jujutsu kaisen, chainsaw man, Undead Unluck, One punch man, Helluva boss/Hazbin hotel, RWBY, Heretical edge (I doubt anyone know's that here), Frieren

Annnd probably a lot more but they aren't comming to mind right now. So yea, if you'd like to do any hypno rp related to any of these, hit me up ! I'd be happy to discuss anything needed for those rp's ! <3

This offer stands forever btw, message me whenever ya want <3
06/12/24 12:21AM
MrERPman’s RP ad
Hello, folks! Wanna do a hypnosis roleplay with yours truly? Contact me for more details! Kinks are broad but limits are as follows:
- snuff, underage, vore, gore, bathroom stuff (scat, urination, watersports, etc.)

Any idea can be a good idea!

Edit #1: Contact me on Discord at tvproject154. I’m more active there.
06/21/24 06:34PM
long term relation
Looking for long term relation like being your dream GF,I would love to play a powerful woman (OC or canon)seeking deep hypno,mindfuck, looking to be recreated, brainwashed and mentally conditioned by a powerful vilain/vilainess(futa would be welcome) to become someone entirely different, mind and bodys to me to become wife/slave/lover/girlfriend/helper and that owns me.PM if interested,especially if you have some ideas to propose.
Kink I Love
Hypnosis/mind control/brainwashing
Corruption ,twisted romance
interesting plot
anything anal including facesitting
hentai pic(to express situation
Oral sex (both pussy and ass)
Large breasts/asses
Body modification (mostly expansion)
Brain drain/mind wipe

real pic
06/22/24 11:43PM
hey everyone I'm new around here and I was looking to rp
I'm for most type of rp, just hmu in a mail
06/23/24 12:33AM
IRL text hypno
This technically isn't a request for RP but I couldn't think of a better place to post this so I'll do it here. I've met a reasonable number of people who like hypno rp but also really wish they could get hypnotized or controlled themselves for real, so I wanted to put out an ad for people who were looking for that.
I'm a hobby hypnotist with a few years of experience at this point, and I'm looking for people who might be interested in trying out some actual hypnosis. I do all my hypnosis through text so all that's required is chatting like any other hypno rp. If you're interested or even just want to learn more, message me on discord at mranonguy. You can message me here but I'm not super responsive here, so I might not see your message for a while.
06/24/24 01:36AM
Looking for erp, tell me your scenarios and kinks in my mails hehe... you you there <3
07/04/24 01:42AM
ERP Steven Universe, Deltarune, other
I'm looking for a sub to rp one of various scenarios I have in mind. You can do as a character from the SU universe, or Deltarune, or even an OC if you'd like. The important part for me is that the scenarios has themes of post hypnotic triggers/keywords, and lots of lewd fun. Message me on here and we can discuss discord or telegram RP.
Kinkwise I'm very open so don't be shy
07/12/24 01:08AM
Slice of Life Hypno rps
Looking to play as a dom who hypnotizes girls from various slice of life anime series. Series like Uzaki-Chan, Komi can't communicate, Don't bully me Nagatoro, My dress up darling, Kaguya-San love is war among others

If anyone is interested throw me a dm and we can discuss details in dms. Hope to hear from anyone who's interested!
07/14/24 04:44AM
Risky Click Hypno
Hey hey :3

I saw this image recently and it made me really horny <3

So I'm looking to do an RP/dirty chat with a guy who sends me a mysterious link (or however many you want) and makes me their slave :3 Feel free to message me for my Discord Tag ^^

(PS: I don't do irl stuff so please don't ask, this will be text-based only)
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