04/26/24 01:04AM
ok so now i just have one more question to the people in thread

do you agree with the sentence below:

04/26/24 02:12AM
I gotta say... no... UNLESS they're stated/implied to have human-level sentience.

And if they're still soft in all the right places I'll probably like them.

04/26/24 08:51AM
jigiyak said:

do you agree with the sentence below:


I def have a fembot/drone/robotization fetish- check out Uzobono's work on deviantart if you do too
04/27/24 07:57AM
Uffffff, though question, though question, but I'll answer nontheless.

My absolutely ideal partner should be

- Body: No secret Anno hits practically all the boxes in the checklist. Tall, red headed, sexy, well endorsed in the right places, and a shit load of fluffy tails to drown myself into after the act. So yeah, give me a foxgirl please... or even a catgirl: heard that, ELON?! We are waiting in here.

- Personality (kink): As many, I do enjoy mindless hypnosis, the one where the subject loses every shred of emotions and free will and become simply a robot. I'm also a big fan of all the aspects of the MC kink where the subject is unaware of what is happening to them (so like altered perception\time stop\sleep). Aside from that... well, she should have a knack for cuddles and *gasp* handholding: I like my sweets after the act, ya know :3?

- Personality (non kink): I'd say someone who shares the same personality of Mina Morgan (dominant, confident, daring in her endeavors), with the added bonus that she willingly lets one single partner (me) take charge when she's in my presence. The idea for someone independent to trust me by giving me access to her mind is... well, quite hot, not going to lie. Happened to me once with one of my exes (without the hypnosis part... can't have all the cake), and it was a good time.
Oh yeah, it must also be a supporting and loving partner, but not that much submissive to not have a say regarding my actions if something is off or straight up moronic; I want a partner who can provide me with a second opinion, not an uncesored Alexa.

LillyTank said:
I gotta say... no... UNLESS they're stated/implied to have human-level sentience.

And if they're still soft in all the right places I'll probably like them.

04/28/24 01:22AM
I suppose it'd have to be someone who resembles a friend of mine since school. Petite, twintails, usually wears skirts and dresses and has already experimented with hypnosis.
04/28/24 03:14AM
Researcher/College roommate that is very insistent about making me her test subject, but is respectful of boundaries and will confirm them ahead of time so that consensual non-consent can be spontaneously initiated.
Long legs, small breasts, brunette, strong jawline, large forehead, eyes filled with pink hypnotic spirals, upturned nose, wide mouth.
Outfit would typically include tights and skirts. Shoes would be either mary janes, flats, or sneakers. Tight-fitting shirts.
Impish sense of humour, enjoys teasing and mocking her hypnotic subjects and using memory play to install triggers that they can't remember. Also heavily uses fractionation and praise. Has a pendant and sometimes sneaks up behind her subjects to dangle it in front of their eyes for surprise trances. Gets very close during hypnosis and gives incredible scalp massages.
Strong voice, slightly robotic intonation, speaks slowly and seductively. American, Canadian, or German accent. Uses flowery language and is incredibly articulate.
Extremely intelligent and very manipulative. Laid-back personality and likes to take things slowly because she can get whatever she wants whenever she wants. Enjoys telling her subjects exactly what she's doing to them because she knows they can't do anything to stop it.
05/01/24 11:01AM
I'll reply in a language we can all understand - Hypnohub tags!
Nerd, glasses, freckles, buckteeth, braces, twin braids, bbw.
05/05/24 08:19PM
jigiyak said:
the question is: if you were to make a character that was the perfect amalgamation of every single thing that could possibly turn you on how would that character turn out, feel free to give all of the details you can think of no matter how little and insignificant it may seem. so really go the extra mile in the character sheet

While I would statistically call myself a lolicon, that is merely an effect of numbers, I found lolis I can't stand, and older characters I enjoy despite their (body aspect) age.
With a different sample of hentai content, I could have reached a different conclusion statistically.
But when observing raw numbers and reality, I just cannot find a mix that would be perfect.
I guess I need a harem lol.
05/22/24 11:34AM
I'm more open to discussing it private since i'm a bit shy and the nature of the character is complicated and requires a lot of detail. Let's just say she is not a victim of hypnosis but someone who's sense of self has been permanently erased making her an empty vessel to be filled by the will and personality of the most dominant presence around her at any given moment.
05/23/24 11:16PM
i have very varied tastes, but two candidates here.
either a well-meaning 'failguy' as tumblr users put it, stubble and long hair and maybe does weed and probably gets scared if a loud noise happens near him, or a woman who could bash my skull in by looking at me. not big into big thighs or breasts, which makes things a little awkward.
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