10/29/13 07:50PM
Status for a comic
I have a very hard existential doubt ...

What are the data as and Felliciah Hypno (DA-Entranced's Mascot):

size of breasts?

nah, I only care about the height ...


I want to make a comiec between these two beautiful girls hypnotizable
10/30/13 06:50PM
o.O I have no idea. That's a good question, I suppose.
10/30/13 08:48PM
If you're looking for information on DA-Entranced's mascot, it may be best to ask someone on DA-Entranced. Although, I suppose someone from DA-Entranced might see this... Come to think of it, isn't BluRider in charge of DA-Entranced?
10/31/13 05:16AM
I hate the translator...

also asking about Hypno-tan

u ___u
10/31/13 06:13AM
Zatara666 said:
also asking about Hypno-tan

Height: between toddlercon and an amazon person.
Bust size: between pettanko and Chelsea Charms.
Personality: one of:

* Sub
* Dom
* Domme
* Vampire
* Naga
* Happy Hair
* Furry
* Hideyoshi
* Super Geek
* Airhead Bimbo
* Tsundere
* Yandere
* Dandere
* Kuudere
* Belvedere

And her IQ has changed by 40% (no mention to which direction), with a margin of error of 70%.
10/31/13 06:28AM
Stem_Cell said:

As someone who (somewhat ashamedly) likes Baka & Test, I really don't know what to make of these random Hideyoshi references (and I pray Baka & Test isn't going to become like Steins;Gate is to this site).

Anyway, Zatara, it's kind of difficult to answer your question, because we've never given Hypno-tan an "official" bust size or height, or even personality. We decided we wanted to leave much of her up to individual interpretation. Most of us agreed, however, that she's probably a fun-loving person who's up for anything and can enjoy herself no matter what she's doing. Going by the pics on this site, her breasts average out to be somewhere between medium and large. Her height is impossible to know, given that she's rarely been paired with anyone else, but I think many pics make her look somewhat petite, so... I don't know, what's a good height range? 5'2" - 5'6"? Let's just say "a bit shorter than average".
10/31/13 07:42AM
thanks Mindwipe...
I have a Idea

11/03/13 12:05AM
Regarding Felliciah, I think it's fair to say that the only "official" statistics on her are the existing artworks in the DA-Entranced group. There's a folder for pictures of her in the group, and as long as your version is recognizably the same character, I don't think anyone is going to take issue with the details.

Thanks for drawing hypno-tan and Felliciah! =)
11/03/13 12:12AM
BluRider said:
as long as your version is recognizably the same character, I don't think anyone is going to take issue with the details.

^The same goes for Hypno-tan.

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