You can suggest a new alias, but they must be approved by an administrator before they are activated.
An example of how to use this: (Neon_Genesis_Evangelion is the tag and Evangelion is the alias. Evangelion -> Neon_Genesis_Evangelion)

Alias To Reason
azazel (0) azazel_(helltaker) (5) Specifies where character is from in case like-named characters appear on the hub
yuni_(pretty_cure) (0) yuni_(precure) (25) To match the naming convention of other precure tags
missto (2) misskoi (6) Same artist.
haniwa_dogu548 (12) semikichi (26) same artist
dual_persona (158) multiple_persona (111) Redundancy ; Using multiple can cover 2+ persona
short_skirt (646) miniskirt (1259) Word Choice
mumei_nanashi (10) nanashi_mumei (0) Same name
kusano (0) kusayarou (34) Same
orb (134) hypnotic_orb (370) Combining the tags to reduce redundancy
zombietwink62 (10) zmt62 (28) artist alias
sissy (85) feminization (1243) as per sissy's wiki page
titjob (0) paizuri (2001) a much clearer term for the sexual act. Paizuri stands out as a distinctly japanese word that has a very common/obvious English alternative.
fleur_delacour (5) fleur_delacour_(harry_potter) (2) Same character, one tag has the series behind it, the other does not.
semikichi (26) haniwa_dogu548 (12) Twitter username