2024-03-02 16:22:18
>> #537020
Indeed @Wildcard77. And nice Tim Curry Reference there. He was such a great voice actor/actor in general. Rocky Horror is a movie I watch every Halloween. ^^
2024-02-29 03:31:10
>> #536803
Davey out here milking the antici...

2024-02-29 01:47:28
>> #536800
Gosh this is gonna be good~~~
2024-02-28 23:31:37
>> #536786
Hello, my friends! I hope you are all doing well today! Here is the next page in the AU Crystal Castle series made by the great artist Wadevezecha:

In spite of being in human form, Twilights' Pony instincts are again kicking into overdrive and she realizes that the strange magic she's sensing is coming from the doll. And it looks like even the strength of the charm spells plus Usagi's post-hypnotic suggestions may not be strong enough to keep Twilight from running away though she still trusts both the blonde and Kimberly.

But Usagi is right there to keep Twilight from taking off and telling her that everything will be alright once she becomes a doll and urges the multicolored-haired girl to look into the doll's eyes.

I love how this page came out. The colors are great and I love the expressions as well. It really is another great page! ^^

I know that everyone is waiting for the main event and I assure you it's coming. But I really love the story and the character interactions that have been taking place. And I hope you're all enjoying the story and character moments too. ^^

More comics, pictures, and stories are coming soon. So until next time, take care and stay well everyone! ^^

This comic page was made by the great artist Wadevezecha and is posted with permission.
2024-03-02 15:28:58
>> #537016
Would absolutely love to see Pearl from you!
2024-03-02 08:33:12
>> #537001
Seriously underrated artist holy shit
2024-03-02 07:56:21
>> #536999
What I learned in boating school is.
2024-03-02 14:39:25
>> #537012
Would've been better if they were mirrored tbh.
2024-03-02 04:29:51
>> #536991
Oh this is fantastic~~~ <3 <3 <3
2024-03-02 03:35:28
>> #536984
These two princesses come from different worlds, but they are more similar than they realize. Just a few magical tweaks to their appearances and minds, and they don't recall which of them was which. They both know one thing for sure though. They are ready to serve their new owner

Another post brought to you by Void Sequence. Extra lewd alts and full res, split versions available on our P@treon. This set was drawn by Kibazoku and the girls were chosen via a poll with our P@treon members. Always had a soft spot for Hilda so was real happy that her and Zelda won.
2024-03-02 14:13:04
>> #537010
I already love her
2024-02-19 07:00:33
>> #535819
I'd love to see more of her
2024-02-18 09:23:34
>> #535724
Introducing, Draina! An overconfident and rather smug magician hypnotist goodra, who often fails her magic tricks, and is used by them instead.

I wanted to try a different style this time around, so if you guys like it or not let me know.
2024-03-02 11:42:18
>> #537009
Yo Re-w-wait what?

Ah Subaru-kun! Please wait a little bit longer for, your daily morning tea?

Uhh R-Rem, what are you doing?

Making your usual tea?
What's wrong Rem doing something weird?
2018-08-04 03:29:36
>> #273437
"What is she doing"
"Her best"
2018-08-02 23:49:05
>> #273178
Cassius said:
I want that Tea

who don't : ))))

the_mr_j said:
You have to appreciate the dedication she has for her craft.

tru :)))
2018-08-02 17:27:16
>> #273118
You have to appreciate the dedication she has for her craft.
2018-08-02 16:10:17
>> #273112
I want that Tea
2024-03-02 11:38:03
>> #537008
Here, Subaru-kun Do you like my breasts?
Feel free to sink into it After all, it's impossible to resist
Feel my breasts wrap around your head
Good boy~
Now Subaru-kun, I want you to masturbate for me
You'll love me more after each stroke
And when you squirt all that white stuff from your penis?
Same goes your affection towards Emilia-sama Gone just like that
After all, you love me and my breasts only right?
C'mon, don't hold back,
2021-12-30 07:08:47
>> #451479
Who is Emilia?
2018-10-20 10:19:06
>> #285651
Sad that she has to use hypnosis to get Subaru to love her.
2018-10-20 06:51:11
>> #285609
Cute and Sexy @.@
2018-10-19 23:29:55
>> #285558
Sweet, finally some Rem dom
2024-03-02 11:14:41
>> #537007
A pair of cute vampires having their feet worshipped, Im not sure which end Id rather be on
2017-12-09 02:04:05
>> #218142
Erika said:
there will probably only be one more picture with this pairing.

If only you knew
2017-04-24 16:29:24
>> #170640
Lucky Erika @v@
Mister Vi
2016-03-06 04:28:15
>> #92221
damn that tandem hypnosis duo is hot stuff.
2016-03-06 04:15:03
>> #92219
2024-03-02 10:39:54
>> #537005
They were deleted with the rule change that banned explicit loli/shota.
2024-03-02 06:59:19
>> #536994
I don't see anything beyond the second page.
2016-08-24 12:23:22
>> #121374
slipslideman said:
Guess: Non-furry content for people who like the theme and art, but aren't fans of furry (like me).

They aren't even the same characters, though.
2016-08-24 12:19:03
>> #121373
Mindwipe said:
I have no idea how the last 3 images in the pool are related to this story, but they were included in the Exhentai gallery, so I kept them in.

Guess: Non-furry content for people who like the theme and art, but aren't fans of furry (like me).
2016-08-24 11:27:30
>> #121370
I have no idea how the last 3 images in the pool are related to this story, but they were included in the Exhentai gallery, so I kept them in.
2024-03-02 09:44:08
>> #537003
For translation context : a hand clap followed by showing two with your fingers is a common Japanese way to sign "underwear" : the Japanese onomatopoeia for hand clapping is "pan", while the "two" is pronounced "tsu", resulting in "pantsu", hence the reaction of the subject here.
2024-03-01 17:52:14
>> #536940
Thank you, that would be amazing! I LOVE his stuff, and I feel like if I understood what the characters were saying I would love it even more.
2024-03-01 13:57:33
>> #536927
Awesome that you uploaded a bunch of mc's stuff, I'll try to get around to translating at least some of it.
2024-03-02 08:09:53
>> #537000
I want her to enslave me for sure
2023-01-17 19:45:59
>> #496701
Anyone else getting Dark Spore vibes?

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