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Character.AI / A.I. Chat Logs (Place to share chat logs)MillyMan9Wed, Oct 25 '23, 01:17LillyTank39
Going Deeper [Godot]NRFBMon, Oct 23 '23, 20:04NRFB2
Games where the player is hypnotized HiaSun, Oct 22 '23, 15:11BrainWaves10
Anyone still need a storyboarding artist for a hypnosis related project?DrWafflesSun, Oct 22 '23, 10:46manjumemajeur6
sex dungeons and dragonsjigiyakSun, Oct 22 '23, 10:35John12482
what is something that you did once that you're absolutely sure you would never be capable of doing againjigiyakFri, Oct 20 '23, 10:14Badgerguardsman11
Hypnosians 888SuBBoy888Wed, Oct 18 '23, 16:40888SuBBoy8885
Pokemon ROM Hacks?MastaTue, Oct 17 '23, 21:33Gama_catthem3
AI posting and Deleted posts.VortexMasterTue, Oct 17 '23, 12:29hypnoahegao14
Why has no one posted any strip game art yet?OkakoroForEverMon, Oct 16 '23, 18:09Sir_Lurksalaot5
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Cant find artDrochilla798Thu, Oct 12 '23, 22:19Argonis1
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Unhinged.aiSome_subWed, Oct 11 '23, 23:24jigiyak4
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Hypnosis in Books, Novels, Comics & Manga?SpiralsSat, Oct 07 '23, 16:33Underscore227
DOLLHOUSE PIXIV Stuff get deletedDouDileFri, Oct 06 '23, 02:24Sir_Lurksalaot10
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How I can delete my posts?10random10Fri, Sep 29 '23, 13:1410random104
Hypnosis Scenes in Manhwa (Korean comics and graphic novels)tjm20Thu, Sep 28 '23, 09:57Trafalgar11
Random feature fore your favorite's againrpk96Tue, Sep 26 '23, 07:08Hypnorgasm1
Self hypnosis videoMusnaSun, Sep 24 '23, 20:23N/A0
Lewd ZKO closing Patreon. Has given permission for previously exclusive content to be freely uploaded.AmalgamateSat, Sep 23 '23, 08:49KKJent13
I can't add notes I keep geting a uncaght typeerrorConnorVoltSat, Sep 23 '23, 02:28N/A0
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Any good twitter alternatives for NSFW or hypno ?BrainWavesSun, Sep 10 '23, 16:43888SuBBoy88810
Hypnosis Chat Session CollectionsZkoSat, Sep 09 '23, 08:50SleepyVessel854
Is there anyway I can convince you that this is hypnotism or can i just not post this :P12345eSat, Sep 09 '23, 08:22Hypnorgasm4
(Random Topic of the Day) Thoughts on the Gen 3 Pokemon games12345eFri, Sep 08 '23, 22:38SledgeQueen6
(Random Thing of le day) Thoughts on Christian Kirbo12345eThu, Sep 07 '23, 23:17N/A0
Do we have a collective list of all the OCs on here?tesoWed, Sep 06 '23, 22:41jigiyak1
How do you add a tag to your favorites12345eWed, Sep 06 '23, 00:47N/A0
How to delete images?Rb11867Tue, Sep 05 '23, 04:45Mindwipe3
Needing help finding an SFM Cynthia modelAlilexSun, Sep 03 '23, 19:42N/A0
jimryu's Old Artsonicfan150Sun, Sep 03 '23, 18:09Hypnonyx2
Hey mods is this ok to post12345eSat, Sep 02 '23, 00:06LillyTank1
Anybody else post status videos with hypnotism aspects to them.SledgeQueenFri, Sep 01 '23, 22:2612345e7
Titty Drop Compilation!LunakiriThu, Aug 31 '23, 11:21N/A0
ANOTHER CYOA topicGemKnightlyThu, Aug 31 '23, 06:31kobie7