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Vent room (guidelines in opening post)GuardianAelitaSun, Jan 28 '24, 05:17Argonis5824
What are some characters that have art here but you think desperately need more fodder?Vi_but_hypnoFri, Jan 26 '24, 21:40Vi_but_hypno6
Favorite hypno/mind control scenes in movies?ContortedThu, Jan 25 '24, 04:39trypnoguy27
"Euphoria" from Interstate 60 (MOVIE SPOILERS)jennydeathThu, Jan 25 '24, 04:27trypnoguy3
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deviantArt said to be purging "fetish" related art, need to ask hereSuperMissileMon, Jan 01 '24, 00:46LadyMapi12
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