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jimryu's Old Artsonicfan150Sun, Sep 03 '23, 16:09Hypnonyx2
Hey mods is this ok to post12345eFri, Sep 01 '23, 22:06LillyTank1
Anybody else post status videos with hypnotism aspects to them.SledgeQueenFri, Sep 01 '23, 20:2612345e7
Roguesmut privitizationmaltuuFri, Sep 01 '23, 19:45N/A0
Looking for two old Sleepymaid pictures that are gone from the internet (Futa, loli)hypnorabbitFri, Sep 01 '23, 03:39Anonymous20253
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ANOTHER CYOA topicGemKnightlyThu, Aug 31 '23, 04:31kobie7
Real Hypno VS. RP HypnoFoyoyoThu, Aug 31 '23, 03:22teso9
Spiral Clicker 0.41 is hereChangerTue, Aug 29 '23, 08:11Changer1055
Hololive EN (and other virtual YouTubers) appreciation threadMindwipeSun, Aug 27 '23, 16:51LillyTank321
Trading picsHypnonyxSun, Aug 27 '23, 06:08themy6
Blacklist tag cap?TheHypnussySat, Aug 26 '23, 12:50Detour6
Favorite Color of Hypnosis?VortexMasterFri, Aug 25 '23, 16:14Sir_Lurksalaot6
Hypnosis and Mind Control in Video Games?LillyTankWed, Aug 23 '23, 19:50Viperson1106
Why no Bluey hypnosis (series not the character)WakfuloverWed, Aug 23 '23, 08:56ARS991
How do you add to a pool without breaking things?ChangerWed, Aug 23 '23, 04:27Hypnorgasm3
is anyone interested in a rp discord serverjigiyakTue, Aug 22 '23, 21:56jigiyak21
Would anyone be interested in a bimbofication RP?LunarUnitySun, Aug 20 '23, 21:26jigiyak5
i need help with something jigiyakSun, Aug 20 '23, 20:14jigiyak3
Is there any way to see the pools you or a specific user have made?anon859Sun, Aug 20 '23, 05:15anon8597
Commandit 1.2Me4XSun, Aug 20 '23, 02:47NikkiKnacky54
So This is the Craziest Stupidest Most Inane Idea Ever But...LillyTankSat, Aug 19 '23, 16:53Sir_Lurksalaot7
Weird Hypnosis-Based DreamajserokSat, Aug 19 '23, 12:40jigiyak2
"Euphoria" from Interstate 60 (MOVIE SPOILERS)jennydeathSat, Aug 19 '23, 09:27manjumemajeur2
[Srpg Studio Game] Puppet Master Demo v2CradilyFri, Aug 18 '23, 19:49yandahri66
Hypno-Tan For Koikatsu97643242Thu, Aug 17 '23, 22:28N/A0
Game giveawayIncredibleintruderWed, Aug 16 '23, 01:07Mindwipe42
St. Mercury's AcademyPsiSun, Aug 13 '23, 00:04N/A0
Hoping for someone willing to take the dive and translate all thishypnoshadowThu, Aug 10 '23, 15:52lifmcs8
[FREE][VNM] ...Black Lily Blooms {EveBloom} (Updated: March 23rd 2022)WaifusAndSyrupTue, Aug 08 '23, 23:42BrainWaves40
Charity WorkJohnGallinTue, Aug 08 '23, 22:22Zombifier11
the one character rule34 doesn''t applyjigiyakSun, Aug 06 '23, 21:54Contorted11
Code#089081075 deleted his images from pixivMalloryMc314Tue, Aug 01 '23, 11:23sandis16
Old TelevisionJohnGallinMon, Jul 31 '23, 19:44JohnGallin3
Scooby DooJohnGallinMon, Jul 31 '23, 00:47N/A0
Erotic Fanfic Writer for Hire!DarknessRisingSun, Jul 30 '23, 14:20jigiyak1
Questions regarding that one dungeon and dragon video we havemanjumemajeurSat, Jul 29 '23, 11:26Underscore3
Hypno themed Cosplayslaststand0810Sat, Jul 29 '23, 11:10laststand08102
Your (most and least) favorite form of mind controlHypnomaid20Sat, Jul 29 '23, 08:12loganblast3934
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The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence (locked)Numbuh214Tue, Jul 25 '23, 13:37Detour3
So is tumblr safe for nsfw content now or what?ARS99Sat, Jul 22 '23, 21:06jigiyak9
Im sorryPenKenSat, Jul 22 '23, 05:59bullet3
Liko hypnotized clip help!DrWafflesFri, Jul 21 '23, 20:36Mindwipe3
What hypno-related scenario would YOU love to be the star of?TransKittyWed, Jul 19 '23, 21:45Cromsis9
Using ChatGPT to create hypnosis based D&DliteGatharanWed, Jul 19 '23, 17:36N/A0