03/30/22 08:58PM
Terms of service.
Since content prohibited has been found, I think a few of the terms of service need reminding and emphasizing to help users avoid breaking the terms of service.

1. No Explicit loli/shota of any kind, these keep cropping up, they need to cease entirely, Admin will be banning anyone uploading these. Because they jeopardize this websites existence, our ad providers do not want their ads next to this content.

This includes any loli/shota in an inappropriate scene with an adult, please avoid uploading these.

Please report any to staff for removal also, there are still some undiscovered no doubt.

2. No real porn content, real porn comes with so many problems these days, needing to prove certification, revenge porn etc etc. we choose not to host it because of those problems.

3. Advertisements, no one should be advertising their servers or websites openly in the comments, this is a given that advertising in general is spam.

I will add more as they arise.

Booru Admin

Again explicit loli/shota and those involving adults in an disturbing way especially we don't want here.

If you have any questions, drop me a site mail please.
10/19/22 04:36AM
Some are asking about AI-generated content, our view is as long as it's well done it can remain, we may up the criteria depending on how many we get and of course, any complaints by artists will be considered.


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