06/10/22 01:12AM
Mod Position - CLOSED
Hypnohub has a need for a new mod to help keep the site safe.

Primary tasks are to moderate content on the website to ensure it follows the terms of service, this involves images/comments/posts when the terms of service are broken as well as the moderation of tags and image/media info to make sure it also adheres to the site's terms of service of what content is permitted.

Also the regular checking of the image/comment report queues containing reports from users who have possibly found images and comments which violate the terms of service, these need to be investigated and if found to be as such, removed from the site to keep this site running.

Another aspect of moderation involves liaising with users when terms of service have been broken and informing them with a warning when necessary, should they not be compliant it may require the attention of an Administrator to either speak with the user or if required to ban them from the service, a moderator will also be required to field questions from the user regarding the day to day running of the website, how to use the site, site terms of service, deletion reasons etc. again it may be necessary to enquire with other staff via site mail as to the answer.

Keeping up good communication with others on the team is essential to ensure everyone is on the same page and everyone is kept informed and up to date, a good fluency level and a grasp of the English language and the ability to communicate calmly and concisely is required with fellow staff and users via site mail.

We are especially looking for someone to help us with the post-approval and report queues.

Instruction and full support when learning provided by Admin and the mod team.

To be a mod you need to have been on the site at least 6 months, get along well with everyone and have a no warning for those 6 months.

If your motivation for applying is to better the site and keep your fellow users safe, this is the motivation we are looking for, this is a volunteer position remember, so you will need the right motivation to keep doing this.

Simply click on my name and send mail if interested, put in the title "mod interest"

You can also ask any questions you might have :)

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