09/01/23 01:53PM
Taking Commissions For Emergency Purposes
So like my OP says, I'm currently in serious need of money. Otherwise, I wouldn't be offering my mediocre drawing skills like this.

I'll be taking commissions for about the next ten days. (Since that's my time frame for the money I need.)

I draw Human anime girls. I don't do any coloring yet but I'll send you the line art as soon as it's finished.

For the process, you will describe your image and I'll sketch it. After that, you pay and I send you the line art when it's done.

Prices start at 5 USD per character. Simple backgrounds are free.
Payments are generally handled via Paypal but I'm open to using other services.

Edit: I also now accept Ko-fi.

I don't do:
Complex Backgrounds
Explicit Sex

I might update that list, among other things in the OP. So feel free to ask questions. You'd really be helping me out if you commissioned anything.

Link to my art here thus far:

Believe it or not, I've made some improvement so give me a chance. :)

If you're interested, send me DM here on the Hub or my Discord: rependulum
09/02/23 01:30AM
wait you make art?

also i wish i had 5 united states dollars, i would commission a grass kitty(not sprigatito just a kitten that has grass instead of fur)

"Simple backgrounds are free"
but you said you wouldn't do complex ones so why are you saying this
09/02/23 02:08AM
I'm just letting people know that the backgrounds I can draw are free. Sorry if it's overly wordy.

Also, I probably should have specified that I'm mostly only able to draw people. I could give an animal a try but, I wouldn't say my level is there yet.
09/03/23 09:51PM
Okay, I've got about five commissions I'm working on now. Thank you, everyone.
I believe that I'll close up for commissions for the time being. I'll update this thread if I'm open again.
02/01/24 04:10AM
Hey! Opening up for commissions again. I think I've improved a bit but the prices are still the same! For now... at least. So if you're interested, DM me here or on Discord.

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