11/02/23 10:52PM
Looking for someone to RP OC Bad End!
I am looking for a long-term RPs DOM or Switch (can do both you and your characters in a reply) partner that we can do RPs that are erotic stuff on my female OCs.

However, I do not want vore, guro or stuff like pure kidnapping or real stuff I might not like at all. Also not a fan of real life or modern RPs like slice of life, most of my characters just don't work.

My kinks are beautification, stepford wife, bimbofication; stuff like that as well as corruption, transformation, mind control/hypnosis, etc. Like when you read a doujin on a heroine corrupted and turned evil or turning someone into a vampire, different monster girl, harem belly dancer, evil minion/female combatant, sexy wife, etc. Those bad sexy stories

This helps me get away from my depression and I really like it a lot.


*Characters are 18+ ONLY

*This person (IRL male or female, don't care) must be dominated and enjoy RPs A LOT.

*This partner must help me with ideas for RPs please, ideas, stories and themes for RPs we can enjoy

*I ONLY use my OCs but you don't have to but if you do, it would be great.

*You don't need to know the fandom of the character they are based on.

*Each RP can be written at the least 1-2 lines with okay Grammar

*Available to RP for at least less than 4 hours during the week (not each day if something happens)

*Don't leave me OR don't reply without explaining why (it has happened a lot and one time I found someone great AND NEVER REPLIED BACK)

*Also someone that puts details in stuff like transformations or appearance changing please.

My FEMALE OCs in my DeviantART gallery (fandoms are not an issue so don't worry): www.deviantart.com/dragonknight-15/gallery

I also want to do RPs with a Sailor Moon or Yugioh OCs so if you are interested, please contact me soon!

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