11/09/23 03:10PM
Omegle Shutting Down
As it says on the title omegle is now gone
here is a link to see what the creaters last words

All i can say is i feel bad for the guy he wanted to create something so others can connect and people used it for malicious intent
11/09/23 08:26PM
I feel like I lack the context to fully understand the sentiment beyond wondering if there's a bit of projection.
11/09/23 08:35PM
I saw that thing yesterday and a lot of people talking about that, but I still don't know what was that xD
11/10/23 05:10AM
Now I feel older already.
11/10/23 06:00AM
Learning people don’t know about Omegle blows my mind lol, it was a video/text chat app where you’d be randomly paired with someone based on similar interests. The owner clearly only had good intentions but it had something of a reputation for grooming and worse, depending what interests you entered. I know some hypno people used to float around on there, but I feel no sentimental connection to it personally.
11/13/23 04:06AM
That's a damned shame. I really can't fault or blame him though. But... still, it sucks. That site was a huge part of the net for awhile there, and I met some really cool peopl eon there in the past. Hell, a friend of mine met his now-wife. Lol.

It sucks, but I really can't say I'm surprised. =(

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