01/04/24 02:43AM
Roleplay Offers/Requests
Post your offers and requests for anything regarding roleplay with other site users here. Other threads asking will be locked or removed.

Common sense rules apply, don't spam/bump your posts excessively and try to move conversations out of this thread as soon as possible.

If you're looking for a more active response, the HypnoHub discord might be a better place to look.

Please keep in mind that the hub staff does not oversee or vet anything regarding roleplay organized through this site, participate at your own risk.
01/04/24 09:04AM
First post here!
Heyo, good day/night and hope you are having a good first days of this new year!

I'm posting here cause I'm curious to see if anyone wants to do an rp with me, I'm rather new to this website since I've just lurked about and made an account today!

Anyone wanna do an rp based around pokemon maybe? Be it maybe based on mystery dungeon, the games or something else!

I'm a switch so we can always talk in mail on who plays who... And also talk about other kinks in mail.

Hope to see you!
01/12/24 05:02PM
Looking for furry subs
I will repost here my old roleplay thread now that we have an official place where to post our roleplay preferences, just in case I get the attention of someone with similar tastes to mine

-I am male and pansexual, so I prefer play as males and do M/M and M/F pairings

-I am dominant and I always prefer to play as a hypnotist.

-I am a furry, so I prefer anthro and non-human characters, though I can work with humans too (and play as one), it's mostly a case-by-case deal.

-Speaking of which: with the only caveat of being male, I can play any character you want (within reason). I have OCs, but I will happy to play as a fictional one too, especially if they have canonical hypnotic powers!

-Similarly, I can roleplay about just anything short of RL: fictional works, artist characters, your OCs (if they catch my interest) and so on.

-I have no preference about the type of hypnosis/mind control. While I do prefer certain hypnosis methods (usually the visual kind), they are hardly required, and I am fine using alternative ones like hacking, magic or music. Hypnosis can be defined as something as simple and minor as suggestion and slightly influencing character's behaviour through trickery, to full-blown mind control, anything in between or all of it, depending on my partner preference.

-Various aspects of hypnosis I like are: personality changes, post-hypnosis triggers, altered perception, making people go stiff and/or limp and pet play (Yes, including... *SIGH* Chicken Hypnosis: it's a guilty pleasure of mine, shut up!).

-As for other kinks: all is optional. I like foot fetish and that is it, it's hardly needed.

-I am open to most kinks, beside obvious gross stuff like extreme violence and blood or scat. There are some fetishes I prefer over others, but really my worst reaction to them will just be going "meh".

That is all: if you took the time to read this, thank you and I wish you a nice day!
01/14/24 03:36AM
Genshin or oc rp
down for any reason for the hypnosis
I’d be playing the sub
I’d be playing a girl character
Fine with most kinks (piss kink absolutely excluded from that)
Roleplay lasts about 1-2 hours irl time

Notes- generally inexperienced, please forgive any mistakes or misunderstandings
01/15/24 08:51PM
Looking for Gay Stuff
Hey, looking to do some Gay Hypnosis focused RP. I'm a literate to semi-literate with an okay collection of fandoms I'm interested in.

I like everything Hypno and am especially fond of muscular or Femboy subs.

DM me and let's get down to it
01/20/24 11:03AM
Bi Guy Looking For Hypno Fun
Hey there I'm in the market for anyone who's down to RP some hypnosis scenes. As a setting I'm thinking either something Pokémon, superhero or medieval fantasy.

I'd prefer to be the Dom in these scenarios, I enjoy more feminine subs but I definitely don't object at all to the more muscular side of things~

Anyways message me and we'll sort out what we'll do. Hope to hear from you soon!
01/21/24 07:24AM
League of Legends Hypnosis (Straight, or Gay)
Hey there I hope y'all are doing fine,

I'm looking to do a hypnosis based RP in the League of Legends universe. I have plenty of plots in mind but I'm also open for new ideas!

As for my partner, he can play either a female or male champion!

I'm generally flexible when it comes to Dom/Sub I prefer to be the Dom here.

I'm also open for most kinks but my limits are: gore, vore, hyper, bathroom stuff,...

Interested? Hmu and let's set up the RP!
01/29/24 01:20AM
Discuss rp
I'm open to lots of different plots for rp, message me to discuss kinks and plots. I do like lots of cum play and anal play too.
01/29/24 04:13PM
Open to all RP!
I’m new to the forums here, interested in all kinds of hypnosis rps. Furry/Pokémon/Anime, any scenario you’d like to do, send me a mail and we can discuss it!

Favourite kinks are hypnosis (obviously), feet, inflation, iqplay, petplay
01/31/24 02:05PM
Well, here goes.

Somewhat experienced amateur writer.
Rather inexperienced in roleplay.
Autistic, arguably ADHD, tends towards short sentences.
If you'd like to try attempting some roleplay stuff, set your expectations appropriately, but feel free to contact me. Oh, and should note, bi guy.

Update: currently kinda on hitaus, but if you wanna poke me, feel free.
02/08/24 06:42AM
Looking to be the victim(s)
Looking for an ERP involving Hypnosis, goo, and stuff like this . and i’d love it to be a slow burn with lots of details on the changes, playing and fucking the victims is encouraged, so is mocking them, betraying them, and sneaking up on them, would love a partner that likes to take charge in the erp and doesn’t mind my sometimes basic posts. i have other ideas as well so feel free to reply to this post and i’ll contact you if your seriously interested, I RP/ERP on Discord, it’s much easier for me to reply and see replies. i'm a huge Hypno lover and prefer nonconsentual stuff as a victim in rp's.
02/08/24 06:18PM
I'm looking to create a plot revolving around spanking and female degradation, for the most part. My character would get the means or skill to hypnotize/brainwash any woman through spanking, although I'm not opposed to other methods. I'm looking to do something slow-burn and plot-driven, where each female character —depending of the franchise/s—, would have different reactions and their own plot/side story with different themes and kinks as they deal with this event; how the hypnosis affects them, if it's total mind control or just body control, etc. I wouldn't mind including other preferences like Embarrassed Nude Female as well, but I'm open to more suggestions.

Some of the franchises I'd like to try include: Fate Grand Order, Honkai: Star Rail, My Hero Academia, Persona, Genshin Impact, Kill la Kill, Highschool DxD, Overwatch, Marvel, DC, Smash Brothers, One Punch Man, Mortal Kombat, Fire Emblem, RWBY, To Aru, Akame ga Kill, etc. I'd be interested in the first three, at least at the moment I'm writing this. That being said, I won't say no to any other franchises in the list or that my partner may suggest. Further details can be discussed either here or Discord. That would be all for now. Thanks for reading!
02/08/24 11:24PM
Change in Common Sense Erp
Hey there, I'm usually the guy that posts a lot of Common Sense Change related images here. And today I'm looking for a female sub that is willing to ERP with me.
I'm an experienced roleplayer
Kind of an amateur writer-ish
And I'm looking for subs that are willing to put in effort and time into ERPing with me.
My turns off are: Scat, Furry, Futa, Female Doms, Cuckholding (NTR is okay), "Yes Master" one liners, bondage, Death, Aware Rape (trance breaking suring sex), abuse, Leggings, skirts or shorts being removed, low-effort, lowercase, and grammar issues. Also if you're willing to accept criticism/advice, you're a keeper.

Alright hope to see you in my DMs.
02/25/24 01:14AM
Life Changing Hypnosis
Submissive feral mare looking to be unwillingly slowly transformed into a busty anthro Rainbow dash slut and bimbo using hypnotic eyes. suggestive whispers and magic! would also love to be mocked and teased!
03/10/24 03:24PM
Taboo ERP Always Open
Send me a friend request at @enchantedgolden_apple if you would like to RP your favorite taboo kinks! Hypnosis is obviously always good, but if you want to do other stuff, that's good too!

I mainly do fandom RP, but I'm willing to do other stuff if that's what you would prefer! I can sub or dom as either genitals!
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