02/27/24 02:11PM
Looking for artist to commission
I've been making a game, Shadow over Meridia for a while now. Until now I've been using AI, but I'd like to see if I can hire someone. I don't think I can afford to have all my scene drawn by someone but I'd like to at least hire someone for the cover art and a some of the next scenes if I can afford it.
You can check what the game looks like on my patreon www.patreon.com/GratuitousLove.

I tried to check the stick comission post but I think it's far from up to date as most links are broken.

If you know where I can find an up to late list for artist that accept commission that would be really helpful.

If you're an artist and available for hire, let me know.

If you need more info don't hesitate to ask.
02/28/24 03:13AM
I've found someone willing to do it so I'm not looking for artist anymore.

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