02/27/24 06:26PM
API Returning 403
I own bot in the HypnoticVisor discord server that allows people to search hypnohub for images. People love it, and it helps them learn about hypnohub. But right now, it is broken.

Starting today, the hypnohub API (hypnohub.net/index.php?page=help&topic=dapi) started returning 403 errors.

$ curl -I hypnohub.net/index.php?page=dapi&s=post&q=index
HTTP/2 403

I didnt expect this as the documentation says

> You should never receive an error unless the server is overloaded or the search dies. In cases of the searcher breaking, you will receive a response success of "false" and a message stating "search down" or similiar.

Can someone help me? Did something change with the API?

02/28/24 06:30AM
It seems like hypnohub started using cloudflare today, so I'm guessing it has something to do with that
02/28/24 12:47PM
Hopefully we get proper API keys soon so the clients that actually need the API (such as OP and myself) can actually use it.
02/29/24 08:11PM
JamesBCrazy said:
Hopefully we get proper API keys soon so the clients that actually need the API (such as OP and myself) can actually use it.

Same, I'm experimenting with a new frontend
03/01/24 06:55AM
To be clear, the API is blocked for everyone, right? I'm not the only one?
03/01/24 01:07PM
The hub userscript uses the API for some features and has been operating just fine, same for when I try to access it manually in my browser.
03/01/24 01:31PM
If you have the cf_clearance cookie, cloudflare lets you access api since you were cleared. Maybe that's why the userscript works.
03/02/24 12:41AM
Same. It it works from my browser, but never from a command line or program. I suspect OperationTransport is right that the issue is cloudfare is blocking it.
03/03/24 11:53PM
Have the admins/mods said anything about this yet? Still unable to access the API anywhere other than a browser.
03/05/24 02:12AM
Contacted slayerduck and it should be fixed soon if not already
03/05/24 05:21AM
Yeah this is really hurting the ability to just grab images from the site. I understand bots can be a problem and I always report them when I see them, however.
03/05/24 05:51AM
Alright, it seems like it may be fixed? It’s working for me now, at least.
03/05/24 06:33AM
Slayerduck made an oopsie. It's been fixed.
03/05/24 06:58AM
Its back for me! Thank you so much for fixing it!
03/06/24 06:25PM
Can confirm it's fixed, and imgbrd-grabber works once more. Thank you Slayerduck!

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