03/09/24 12:24AM
Miku Hypno and Hypnotic House?
Like @Avaricious said in post "hypnohub.net/index.php?pa...s=view&id=85660", the Youtube channel that made MMD series like Miku Hypno and Hypnotic House has been deleted quite few years ago. I searched those videos ever since but i didn't find much.
Does anyone know why did the channel close or where did its creator end up?
And if any of you had those video saved, could you upload it somewhere?
03/09/24 07:07AM
I believe she went by the name "HelenaHypno". Changed the YT channel name, was active on dA for a bit until she up and left without warning. She made a few OCs, at least four, and was in the middle of a project involving a lamia. That's basically the extent of my knowledge.

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