03/10/24 10:43PM
Interactive stories
So I found this DeviantArt/fiction live writer a while ago by the name of shall and I have got to say they make some of the best interactive stories on both platforms ex. The first story of theirs that I read.

My point is that I have been trying to find any kind of content to fill this same niche forever now and I just can’t find anything

Any recommendations
03/11/24 07:56AM
I thought you were talking about VR immersion lol
03/13/24 06:44AM
That wasn't my idea of an interactive story, but I love those Goosebumps Choose Your Own Adventure stories when I was a kid, and I'm glad the Internet is keeping that tradition online.
I know what you mean accesbrocoli; I thought there would be more websites that do this stuff, but your's looks interesting.

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