03/19/24 02:18AM
Images you'd love to see maniped but you personally lack the skills to do so
Like the title says, I think this would make a GREAT hypno pic but I do not have the skills to make it one.
03/19/24 07:58PM
I used to manip, so it's not like I lack the skills or patience. I'm just trying to focus on making original content.

Although, if I was still manipping, this image has recently caught my eye.

I would give her empty eyes, lowered eyelids, crossed eyes, and maybe add some drool. Then I'd add a POV hand holding a pendulum. It'd be pretty simple since it's mostly expression manipulation.
04/01/24 12:23AM
Excuse Me

I know some people here insert spirals into phone screens better than you breathe, this is your chance to shine, make Domhime happen
04/07/24 09:22PM
If I had the skill I'd have a spiral coming from the D-Terminal

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