03/27/24 09:05AM
Zomwalk Animated YCH Slot!
All right, here's the deal. I have a couple on the go, but I'm waiting to hear back from the clients regarding them, so I Can't do anything more at the moment.
I want to do another one.

There's an example for ya. Anatomy can change, just lemme know.
I'm asking $50usd for the moment as a promo price.
(Will be $70usd later, I think. After I finish these promo ones. so if you wanna get one while still cheaper, lemmek now! Let's get this going before I up the price =D
04/02/24 10:18AM
I'mma finish one or two of these that I have in my queue first, and then I'll be down to do another one or two =)
04/09/24 09:02AM

Couple new ones done tonight!

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