05/16/24 07:58PM
Gundam 00 season 2?
Hello, I wanted to ask for people who knew gundam 00 season 2 because someone told me it had many characters who were mind altered to act strangely. I don't dare to ask more questions because I prefer to avoid looking "sus" to that person. So I was wondering what kind of mind alteration happened and what does it make them do?
I do not mind spoilers.
05/17/24 03:00AM
It's been a while since I watched 00, but the most overt mind control I remember comes near the very end of the show, when main bad guy mind controls female side character Louise to make her fight. By this point in the story, Louise is kinda broken already, so the mind control seemed almost unnecessary, but I guess she was having second thoughts or something (it's been a really long time). I believe there were drugs involved, but the actual moment I remember, he literally used glowy eyes on her.
05/17/24 09:03PM
Thanks! And so basically the antagonist just forced her to battle? Based on what that person said I was expecting more things. Anyway thanks for taking your time to reply.
05/17/24 10:50PM
Well, there's this whole thing with characters called Innovades, and I think Ribbons could control them too. It's just that he didn't do the whole "look into my eyes" thing with them like he did Louise. So whether or not it's as interesting is up to you.
05/18/24 07:13PM
Thanks again for that reply. It can def work! What do they do when controlled?
05/19/24 12:22AM
Same thing as Louise: make them fight. Often against people they don't want to fight.
05/23/24 11:04AM
Thank you again for taking some of your time to reply and thanks for the information ^^

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