05/27/24 11:20AM
Any way to see the deleted posts without ID?
I'm trying to found my deleted posts and I've read in a thread that is posible to see the deleted posts by using only ID but as you know, I usually post a lot of stuff that I found here, and it I mark them as Posted in the tags, specially in my Pixiv Account to keep some kind of control about what I had posted and also what is on my plans to post later.

Also it will be useful for me if I could see the deleted posts to know about why it was deleted, in order to avoid that kind of stuff here.

If there aren't any way to see them, it could work as a feature at least only for the uploader to see at the details of why it was deleted the post.
05/27/24 08:43PM
If I remember correctly that was possible on the older version of the forum, not anymore though.
05/27/24 10:06PM
Unfortunately there isn't any way that I know of.

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