05/28/24 10:43PM
Can I upload this?
So I've been scavenging the web recently, and I found this image:

Would this be site compliant, or should I just not post it?
05/28/24 10:53PM
Ooo, a sleepymaid comic!

Yeah, their stuff is uploaded here all the time, and this one isn't here yet(unless it's tagged like garbage, anyway). Upload away.
05/28/24 10:57PM
I think the question is more "is this lolz-shotz compliant" which i do notttt think it is but i'm not a mod.
05/28/24 11:15PM
Oo, yeah, there is that. - .

It's definitely loli/shota, they look like really young teens. And the nudity and the boy's erection are explicit.

I guess I just got so happy at new Sleepymaid content I forgot to use my braincells.
05/29/24 12:08AM
Definitely not loli/shota rule compliant.

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