06/10/24 08:46PM
pseudo locations/npcfication
i nicknamed it pseudo locations because this is just such a oddly specific fetish that i don't think it has a name but i wanted to ask, does anyone find the concept of pretend places hot?, like imagine you're in a cassino but there's something unusual about this place, everything just seems so... incredibly fake like you try to cash out your chips only to find out that they have no monetary value, and while everyone in there look like real people they don't actually BEHAVE like real people, the waitress all walk in a weirdly robotic way as if they were windup dolls, everyone just has blank expression devoid of any thoughts or emotion, you try to slap someone in the face but instead of reacting violently to your aggression they actually don't react at all and continue to act as usual, you try to get in the waitress way and she just continues to mindless walk against the wall(you)

do note that while used the cassino as an example, it isn't just limited to it could be just about anywhere, from a school to a cafe to even an anime convention the possibilites are limitless

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