12/01/14 07:48PM
Mind Control Scenes in live action and Japanese/Western Animation!!
Hello everybody,
My name is Jack. I am new to the whole Hypno-world and have only recently discovered sites like HypnoHub containing others who have similar interests in hypnosis and mind-control. My fancy arose not from the common Ghost Clown scene in Scooby Doo or Kaa scene from Jungle book, but rather from Tea in Yu-Gi-Oh. Although I always admired the hypno-theme as a child, it was Tea whol ultimately condemned me to my current fancy in females getting hypnotized or min-controlled.

I may have messaged some of you individually seeking out any hypno scenes you may have on hand due to my timid nature in actually posting in the forum without having any art to offer. Although my particular fancy lies specifically in animes and cartoons for the moment, I really admired a lot of the art displayed by clearly talented people. It's refreshing to know there are others out there who take pleasure in this sort of theme, as I thought I was alone for the longest time before I really began researching.

I am in search for hypno scenes in just about any anime(western or Japanese) in which ANY female character gets hypnotized, mind-controlled, brainwashed, etc to add to my collection. The scenes DO NOT have to be erotic. I just enjoy seeing female characters getting hypnotized and mind-controlled. I have a somewhat large list I am willing to offer and am posting here to see if anybody has any shows, animes, or cartoons in which hypnosis towards females exists where we can all see, share, and learn about new scenes and shows where hypnosis is evident. Lets compare lists! I understand a lot of you enjoy the erotic side of hypnosis when in anime so I will offer a few that are more along the lines of that and then as time goes on and more posts appear, I will offer my whole list to people who just enjoy seeing girls getting hypnotized in anime and cartoons. I would very much appreciate all of your help if you have ANY scenes or shows you know this happens in at all. Even if you can't remember the characters' names or the episode it happens in, I'd appreciate it. Of course specifics are appreciated more if at all plausible :).

I have heard about and favorites just about every playlist involving hypnosis/mind-control on youtube and can definitely share if any of you are interested

So I'd like to make this a post where people contribute mind control and hypnosis scenes from various animes and cartoons(erotic or not) to share with the hypnohub community. I have quite a few to offer to those with similar fancies and hope to learn about a lot more from all of you :)

Some from my list you may enjoy:

Saimin Jutsu 2 (the movie)
Superfriends "Mind Maidens"
Cats eye (ein Supertrio Germania title) "Hypnosis"
Needless episodes 11-13(this is one of my personal favorites)
Yu-Gi-Oh episodes 136, 135, 140, 141, 81, 84, 97, and 85, 95
Ranma 1/2 Season 5-Episode 16(there are many MC scenes in this anime)

I have more to offer and look forward to meeting you all and learning about what you have to offer :)
12/02/14 12:37AM
Josh, I hope this little project I do on and off helps you out. :)
Feel free to add any more scenes you come across!
12/02/14 01:07AM
Thank you finerhats! I have stumbled onto that before. There is one particular page with a lot of anime episodes outlined where MC and hypnosis take place. It is an awesome site. Did you start the page?
12/02/14 01:55AM
Good show putting your faith in the community to help provide a list for the animated portion of hypnosis/mind control.

I believe I may be able to help. Just a tad at-least.

Fairly odd Parents/ Jimmy Neutron episode (just one scene)
Beetlejuice (TV series) (Season 2 episode 3 "Spooky Boo-tique" )
Code Geass (basically one big hypnosis anime with a good story )
Totally Spies (Almost every episode has people being manipulated in some way )

Hope that helps alittle
12/02/14 02:00AM
We kinda have a <<hypnohub.net/forum/show/9862|thread>> for this already lol, but if you're interested in reading up on it, it's mostly recent scenes and such. At least, that thread is for discussing new scenes as they come out, but it might make a good resource.

12/02/14 08:51AM
I can't think of any scenes off the top of my head but I did want to welcome you to the forums. Great to have you here :D

Also there was a Saimin Jutsu Movie? O.O
12/03/14 10:20PM
JC518 said:
Thank you finerhats! I have stumbled onto that before. There is one particular page with a lot of anime episodes outlined where MC and hypnosis take place. It is an awesome site. Did you start the page?

I started the wiki and that page, but someone else added all the anime info. My anime knowledge is basically nil.

I wanna work on the wiki more, but It's tough finding time to do it.
12/05/14 09:14PM
There was a Saimin Jutsu movie. And thank you all for welcoming me to the forums!!

Finerhats, I have stumbled onto that wiki before and would love to contribute to the site by providing more scenes and episodes. How would I go about doing that?
12/07/14 02:04PM
more cheesily done corruption than true hypnosis, the new terrible "Sonic Boom" had an episode called "eggheads" robotnik makes evil cookies for sonic, but his frends eat them instead, including amy and what guess is blaze.... to signify this, all the characters grow mustaches

a warning, this episode really exemplifies how terrible this show is, and isn't particularly sexy
12/08/14 04:37PM
There's also a newer episode in the Pokemon X/Y season where a Malamar takes control of Ash's friends. Might wanna watch that if you're a Pokemon fan.
01/02/15 07:43PM
Thank you all for your help! Wow that sonic boom show really is pretty bad huh? and Pokémon and Yu Gi Oh have just so much mind-control in it, its awesome! I've recently discovered a few more examples. Researching and finding this stuff is TOUGH!
01/02/15 08:13PM
No one mentioned my favorite animated hypno scene. Ghost Hunt episode 3.

01/02/15 08:32PM
Mindwipe said:

I'm getting really sleepy.
01/02/15 08:54PM
Mindwipe said:
No one mentioned my favorite animated hypno scene. Ghost Hunt episode 3.


Oh shit, I've seen that before! Finally translated, and it is awesome. Thank you for sharing.
01/02/15 08:57PM
Mindwipe said:
No one mentioned my favorite animated hypno scene. Ghost Hunt episode 3.


That's a great scene. I actually just stumbled onto that the other day for the first time. That anime has a lot of funny possession scenes too ^_^. But this one's one of my favorites www.youtube.com/watch?v=UCd581WvtQw

3:30. I like it more when its just one or two people getting hypnotized at once rather than mass hypno for some reason
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