09/16/20 09:28AM
MC Trap Town: Resurrection - Unofficial continuation by Xlmpth (credit to Kamen Writer MC)
TLDR; MC trap town is kil, I want to do an unofficial continuation

Just checked Twitter. It appears KWMC answered a question indicating he isn’t considering continuing the story of MC Trap Town right now.

If you don’t already know, MCTT is a RPGMaker game that has been left on a cliffhanger for years, though the English translations on HHub are more recent (around a year or so).

He’s probably still going to continue his other projects that are ongoing though, at his usual rate.


That being said, I’m considering trying to continue the story myself. It will be an unofficial continuation credited to KWMC for the inspiration, using COM3D2. I want to try and continue the story’s plot (and potentially finish it), but there’s no point doing it I’m the only one viewing my own work. Considering the original reason KWMC discontinued it was because of burnout from developing it as a game, I will probably stick to a visual novel style instead.

I will try and replicate the character models as best I can, since I don’t have access to the originals. I don’t have some of the models for faces and clothing that KWMC used; however, I have prototype models for the characters that I think are suitable replacements, which I can upload to be critiqued if this idea goes ahead.

As for the story, this will be my approach: In the game files, there are several scenarios that were not implemented by the author. Some of these have completed dialogue (like Etta’s day 1 route), while others are just single line concepts (Rina and Chelsea day 3?). I will attempt to implement these as best I can, prioritising that the full scenarios he wrote remain as they are.

Single line concepts and beyond are where I will have to come up with story elements myself. I am not KWMC, but I will try to keep his essence in any new scenarios I develop. I plan on fleshing out a full story so established plot elements will come together, but keep in mind I am not an expert writer.

It all comes down to whether this post will even be read, and whether the hub wants to see this content. If you would like me to follow up on this idea, please let me know in the comments or by liking (this is my first post, I don’t know how it works).

09/16/20 09:30AM
I for one would love to see a continuation of it, I love MCTT.
09/16/20 10:47AM
Good to know! I want to see how many others think it’s a good idea.
09/16/20 02:02PM
Oh my god, I would LOVE this.
09/16/20 02:19PM
I’m going to let this sit for a cycle, since it’s night for me. I’ve replicated the main cast and a couple others to the best of my ability (and surprisingly well), so next I’m going to try and do Farah and Ceilia for the next hour.

If you have any suggestions or questions, please let me know. There’s going to be quite a bit of preparation for this.
09/16/20 04:27PM
I know this might be a weird thing to ask, but did you ask Kamen_Writer_MC if it was ok to make a continuation/revival of his story and use "his" characters? It's a weird thing to ask maybe, but sometimes creators can be rather.... "protective" of their characters, even if used in a fan art or such, others are not so much. It depends on the person.

Also, as a VN, how do you plan to write the character interactions? Having it be told in a linear fashion like having girls A,B,C,and D scenes (i forget the girls names) and then having the day end, or will the player get to make choices that'll effect the story or chose who's scenes they wish to check next?

Also, also, You say it's a "continuation". Will you just start the VN where the games left off, or will it start from the very beginning, albeit told in a VN fashion?

Sorry if my questions seem harsh. Honestly it'd be cool to see a continuation.
09/16/20 04:48PM
averageguy17 said:
Sorry if my questions seem harsh. Honestly it'd be cool to see a continuation.

I don't think they're harsh - the one about the author's characters is particularly pertinent and fair to said author.
09/16/20 05:07PM
Thanks for bringing this up. I haven’t yet decided whether to contact KWMC, and I can understand your concern.
The good news is, he’s already shared presets of his characters (including those from MCTT) on request to some other creator(s); at the very least Xenon (I think that’s the name). I don’t think he’s shy to sharing characters, presumably as long as someone doesn’t claim his work for their own, or monetise it.
He also has several means of contact that I could use, so if necessary I could ask him for permission.
I intend to at clearly credit him for the story, characters, and inspiration. As for if I need to contact him at any point in time, I don’t know yet.
There’s several ways I could approach development. I could simply upload a bunch of images with dialogue boxes. This would mean I only need to take in game screenshots for the visuals.
If I wanted to go full blown VN game, I reckon I would use Tyranobuilder, which is versatile enough for implementing the required mechanics. This would take longer, but it would be more interactive for the viewers.
If this were the case I would likely have it similar to the original game where you can pick the order of scenarios you want to explore per time period. The original game didn’t have too much else as far as branching storylines, so I am initially not going to have any major deviations story-wise.
I could however, do something akin to a good/bad ending (if I ever make it that far), which is possible for both a VM and the images by themselves.
I don’t intend on retconning the story so far, so I’m not redoing any of the scenes he already made. I may summarise them at the beginning of the story however. I am going to do the routes that KWMC planned but did not implement, some of which happen on day 1, so in a way I’m starting near the beginning.

Thanks for sending me the questions!
09/16/20 08:11PM
I would love for you to continue it. Willing to support however I can (patreon or something) hope to see MC Trap town contnued.
09/17/20 09:20AM
Man, so glad there's someone like you out there to continue this beautiful piece, I was so frustrated with the pacing and negligence of the author that I have already given out on the translation on the game entirely, I see no hope on Trap town now that the author only focus on Amanogawa-verse (and not even eager about it =.=). If you want I think maybe i can do a translation on the "light novel" of Chelsea's and Henrietta's 1st night that was included in the game for reference, sounds ok?
09/17/20 09:27AM
Ah nice, you've already seen the dialogue file huh, then maybe I don't need to do the translation then :D
09/17/20 10:09AM
I’m not considering a Patreon at this stage, this is a casual/part-time project so hopefully I won’t need it. I probably couldn’t keep up a consistent schedule, but it depends on a bunch of factors.

09/17/20 10:10AM
Oh dang, I wasn’t expecting special forces! Yeah, after some time, you come to the realisation that it’s probably going to be permanently “on hold”, and I was disappointed that the story wouldn’t be finished.

If you’re good at translating, I wouldn’t mind some assistance for those scenarios. My primary weapon is Google Translate and a couple of resources for special text cases, but this may lead to mistranslations and me missing the point of any inclusions.

After the scenarios are done, I would be working off the single line summaries for scenarios, before continuing the story with no further reference material. There’s also the summary document (I don’t remember it’s original title but I renamed it) with various bits of reference material. I want to plan the plot out so I don’t just aimlessly make scenarios up, so i’m reviewing and compiling a plot summary so far.

By far my least understood (or at least, least unsure of) aspect of the story is the purpose of Shamballa and it’s relation to the MC gathering machine at the beginning of the story. This may be because when I first played the game, I was horrible at translating the text. I haven’t checked the translations on Hypnohub for this particular scene, so hopefully I can understand what KWMC was intending.
09/17/20 10:25AM
One last thing for now:

Any suggestions for how I should develop this?

As I discussed in a previous comment, I could do all CG screenshots with text and just upload them. This would be faster to create, but have less interactivity.

The other is a Visual Novel, for which i’m considering Tyranobuilder. I would probably have to upload it in builds, and it may generally take longer, but there’s opportunities for more interactivity. There will also have to be less unique CG images, with basic dialogue using a similar system in the original game where the characters have the poses for various expressions.

*ngl I actually really like some of the dialogue poses, so I may still implement something like that for images only.*

I am considering doing good/bad endings (I will likely do one of each) for either case. With VN, I may implement choices that dictate one of the endings. In order to do that in a satisfying manner I’m going to plan the story out ahead of time.

09/17/20 07:13PM
about Shamballa's origin, the story started with a wizard exploring a ruin for an old ritual of immortality. Sadly by the time he got there the ruin was already depleted of its energy. The wizard then create a looped magic warped around the whole ruin to continuously gather energy with the formula of energy as E = MC^2, but MC is for Mind Control lol. Then he lay dead in the ruin, waiting for the energy to be full again and revive him.

This magic I believe is what we see in the bathing scene which actively modify the villager's thoughts to its purpose. It's also what amplified Ms. Hypno's hypnosis which at the time of the story strong enough to deeply hypnotize a fighter like Lina in mere seconds.

On the Visual Novel stuff, I think we could all agree that interactive gaming is far superior than screenshots, we could present actions more intuitively which I think in MC-related cases is quite important. Trade offs are your time and energy investment of course. I too did tweaking around the Rpg maker program before and could say that it's a pain in the butt to work with, a 10 minutes scene could cost you hours of work just to set up and arrange the components in it, not to mention about plugins, for which you would spend extra hours just to get familiar with it.

Either way, I say it's your choice on how much commitment you want to offer.
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