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Posted on 2023-05-20 12:04:13
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Blackfire did many terrible things in her life. Like impersonating her own sister when stealing jewelry from an Imperial star system so her sweeter younger sibling would take her place in jail. She broke herself out later then returned to her home planet to use her privilege as the heir to the throne to pardon herself of all her own crimes before almost bringing a war to her hoe planet unless her little sister forcibly wed a disgusting beast. Even though both these plans failed, Blackfire continued her life as an intergalactic criminal without any remorse for her actions. It was no wonder she had a bounty on her head. She was almost caught at one point but by happenstance, D-Zen was nearby and saved her. Though he never did anything for free. In exchange for his service, Blackfire was to provide him with something in exchange though she stubbornly refused at first before D-Zen showed how persuasive he could be. Now Blackfire is no longer a criminal. She's reformed herself as the loyal servant girl of the demon who helped her see the error of her ways.

Aurastudio did a great job with this. And to celebrate D-Zen getting his sixty-ninth picture put here on Hypnohub, why not take the perfect opportunity by having him in a 69 position with somebody who deserves lots of karma for their actions? Hope you all enjoy. :)

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Posted on 2023-05-20 12:33:38
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Nice but a reverse 69 makes more sense