absurdres bangs bare_shoulders beach bikini bikini_top blush breasts coin collar confused female_only femsub grey_hair hairband hololive kudoukudokudo_(24_owl15) long_hair nail_polish navel open_mouth outdoors pendulum shion_murasaki sideboob skirt small_breasts solo spiral_eyes sweat swimsuit symbol_in_eyes virtual_youtuber white_hair wrist_band yellow_eyes

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Posted on 2023-09-19 03:19:48
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Artist Commentary:

'Hypnotized Shion'

"Huh~?! Wh-Why am I in a swimsuit...? Eh...Is this hypnosis!?"

"Shion-senpai's swimsuit is absolutely amazing! And later, this outfit... will be taken by Sakamata and displayed in her room~<3"