absurdres ahoge animal_ears bare_shoulders blue_hair breasts breasts_outside bridal_gauntlets bunny_girl bunnysuit cleavage collar comic daeva_(zephyrgales) dialogue drool earrings eyeshadow fake_animal_ears fake_tail fangs femsub futa_with_female futadom futanari gloves handjob happy_trance heart horns hypnotic_accessory large_penis laughing lipstick liz_(gingrjoke) long_hair makeup marcy_(gingrjoke) multiple_girls multiple_subs nail_polish nipple_piercing nipples original penis piercing pink_eyes pink_lipstick pink_skin ponytail purple_hair purple_lipstick smile spiral_eyes symbol_in_eyes tail text topless zephyrgales

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>> #520563
Posted on 2023-09-16 01:57:59
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As all good buns should~

Embrace the Bun-self~

>> #520589
Posted on 2023-09-16 05:51:04
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I'm glad I'm being brainwashed into a good bun @.@

>> #520691
Posted on 2023-09-17 03:33:52
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I want to be a brainwashed bunny slave as well.