absurdres arms_above_head ball_gag breasts coils dress drool female_only femdom femsub gag horns hypnotic_screen lipstick liz_(gingrjoke) madelyn_(zephyrgales) original pink_eyes purple_hair purple_lipstick restrained spiral_eyes sweat symbol_in_eyes tech_control tentacles text visor zephyrgales

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Posted on 2023-09-16 03:39:53
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Realized the first part of the image set Zephyr posted wasn't on here, so here it is. Gonna pool em together

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Posted on 2023-09-16 03:50:33
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Become as Bun!

Release the Bun-self~!

>> #520592
Posted on 2023-09-16 05:56:21
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Gosh YES~~~ So good to be a good bun @.@