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>> #520837
Posted on 2023-09-18 22:01:05
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Something based on that Jungle Book trend that was going around on Twitter a while back. I'm surprised no one has tried it with other iconic hypno movies that birthed many a hypno fetish

>> #520839
Posted on 2023-09-18 22:22:24
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Classic Svetta shenanigans.

(Will we ever get a Svetta-verse where Genshin Svetta and/or HAO Svetta explain animoo to Mom Svetta?)

>> #520841
Posted on 2023-09-18 23:09:25
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"Into the Mommyverse" eh? :P

...though now Sleepy's got me thinkin'...maybe a movie night series, or...ooh, could invite a rotating guest cast of frens...leave it with me!

>> #520844
Posted on 2023-09-19 00:26:56
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so what's that movie there? I can't see it.

>> #520845
Posted on 2023-09-19 00:31:38
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I too wanna onow what movie this was :P

>> #520846
Posted on 2023-09-19 00:42:44
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Aw man am I gonna have to explain Shin-chan to people now

>> #520847
Posted on 2023-09-19 01:10:33
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okay, so it's Shin. we just didn't know what movie it was. it's too small to see

>> #520857
Posted on 2023-09-19 04:38:30
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I assume it's "Crayon Shin-chan: Action Mask vs. Leotard Devil" since that's the movie with Haigure Maou and his haigure army