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Posted on 2023-09-20 03:26:19
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I really don't think racism should even be a tag here

>> #520958
Posted on 2023-09-20 07:55:13
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Why shouldnt it be a tag? The entire point of tags are to basically be content flags.

To say any given post has X.

And I think being able to deliberately either look for, or blacklist racism makes sense.

Some people are into race play, and some people are not and would rather avoid racism altogether.

So again I ask, why shouldnt it be a tag?

>> #520971
Posted on 2023-09-20 13:27:23
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I guess I just find it kind of dicey

>> #521244
Posted on 2023-09-24 12:10:17
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I think the racism tag is appropriate here. I don't think the work itself is racist, but the character is, he turned this woman into a racist caricature