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>> #521648
Posted on 2023-09-28 18:21:27
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just when I thought I was done making p5 captions, kawamommy ass pulls me back in...

not that I mind, of course!

>> #521653
Posted on 2023-09-28 20:07:57
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your writing and editing makes this so good, I chuckled at those small parts ^^ Better order her every day~

>> #521668
Posted on 2023-09-28 22:37:24
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Huh. So I'm guessing from the Shido dialogue line that this isn't Joker's POV, but a different client? Interesting idea.

>> #521671
Posted on 2023-09-29 02:47:07
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Yeah. Was initially going to get into this more but the basic idea is she's using her position at the maid cafe to seduce and dominate people close to Shido to get dirt on him to help out Joker.

( thanks relxx! glad you enjoyed!)

>> #521698
Posted on 2023-09-29 09:48:43
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kawakami findom = <33333333433