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Posted on 2023-10-03 19:48:27
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I packed a lot into this one, more than even I expected. Which is good because I'm going to be taking a break this week. You have two weeks to vote on this particular caption.

If it seems like the majority direction is complete customization (D3) or monster girl replica (D2), I will link to either a form or poll [in this comment sectio that specifies further what the protagonist will request. And then I may have to track down new art to match said request... This may have been poor planning on my part but I'm up for the potential challenge if you're all willing to sacrifice a little Integrity, and maybe get yourselves into more complicated, yet sexy, situations.

Of course, there are far more options than just those under D, so consider them all equally.

>> #522124
Posted on 2023-10-03 20:55:01
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I hope you have a good break

I personally don't like bimbos that much so I'll competitively vote D2 even though I'd probably vote A if I didn't need to competitively vote.

I'm a little confused why just changing the mind of the Human Girl would require an integrity point, since the reason in universe integrity is required for the form customization is because it would be "counter to our selfless goal"

>> #522128
Posted on 2023-10-03 21:00:13
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Ill coose D1

>> #522132
Posted on 2023-10-03 21:16:49
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D2 or d3 Witcher gets the most votes

>> #522136
Posted on 2023-10-03 21:43:36
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Now I know we need integrity and all buuuuttt....

D) Busty Sharkgirl

Im meerly asking others to consider my option, I wouls settle for a busty snakegirl as well

>> #522137
Posted on 2023-10-03 21:45:46
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D 3 just to clarify above ^^^

>> #522138
Posted on 2023-10-03 21:50:13
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D2 ! I want an orc lass !

>> #522139
Posted on 2023-10-03 22:01:16
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Have a great break! You deserve it, you do great work.

I will vote C, Seduce her (maybe get some Valor for it) and either Gift the tome or (if we can keep it) save it in case we run into the Witch's mistress. Might make a good bargining chip there.

Also if we make custom we need to be careful, especially with anything to do with ass, last thing we want is for the curse to prock and we serve something meant to serve

>> #522142
Posted on 2023-10-03 22:32:52
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I dont think we have any chance of taking the book forcibly os i guess i pick the C option.

>> #522143
Posted on 2023-10-03 22:35:08
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I pick C, lets try to get a book for our dommy kitty :) plus it might be fun to try to seduce a zombie

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