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Posted on 2023-11-19 06:06:39
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10/10 honestly. Who made this?

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Posted on 2023-11-19 23:08:03
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Glad you enjoy~! I made the caption and images.

I can't post links yet but more of my captions are on Reddit at u/ChloeHentaiCaptions

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Posted on 2023-11-20 01:44:01
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You thrust your hips a bit in an attempt to entice a tentacle, but they continue to ignore your needy hole and focus their attention on the rest of your body. Just when you are ready to beg, you feel a tentacle brush against your clit ever so slightly causing you to let out a gasp. As if pleased by your response, the tentacle returns, brushing across it a few more times. Your cunt pulses and drips with desire. Each time the tentacle brushes against you, you thrust your hips to try and maximize contact, but the tentacle keeps just far enough to not allow much friction. You whimper and plead for it to touch you again and, eventually, your reward arrives. The tentacle begins slowly and methodically rubbing against your swollen clitoris. You never thought you could feel so much pleasure from such slow movements. Soon, the tentacle works faster, eliciting a loud moan. You are amazed how intense the feelings are. You have masturbated before and even had a few lovers, but nothing felt this good. After only a few minutes, the tentacle brings you over the edge and you orgasm. The intense sensation of pure bliss flows through you and, once it finally subsides, you realize the tentacles have disappeared. You feel a bit sad and disappointed that they left. The experience was certainly enjoyable and something you could do several more times.
You lie in a pool of comforting water, still trembling a bit from the afterglow alone. As you wait, you begin to wonder if the tentacles will come back. They obviously had your best interests at heart. You close your eyes and relax. A smile comes to your face as you drift off to sleep.
You wake up back in your bed. Confused at first, you look at the clock, it's only been thirty minutes. Everything felt so real. You check under the covers, half expecting to find a tentacle wrapped around your thigh, but only find your soaked pajama bottoms. With an erotic sigh, you realize that the experience must've been caused by the hypnosis you listened to. It was a wonderful fantasy, and as you drift off to sleep you imagine the tentacles' gentle touch comforting you.

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Posted on 2023-11-21 02:37:05
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Nice work! I made you an artist tag so you can tag any future works you share here, then people can find more if they like what you make.