3d assertive_sub aware bracelet caption dialogue furry kathy_(thalarynth) magic original scalie size_difference slit_pupils snake_girl story text thalarynth_(manipper) wolf_boy yellow_eyes

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Posted on 2023-11-20 18:01:51
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starting to think she's faking it haha, the bracelet is not as effective to her mushy brain as it should but she's just go with the flow to try something new. Her real master haven't been giving her her acceptable dose of dominance lately

>> #526691
Posted on 2023-11-21 03:52:52
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I hope her master has a lot of fun with such a willing lovely snake girl.

>> #526710
Posted on 2023-11-21 06:38:32
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This is an extremely funny and cute farce, as always knocking it out the park.