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Posted on 2023-11-20 23:25:07
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> Personal Log, supplemental

As per my prior log, following the Erickson's docking at Deep Space 1 for resupply, I've been sharing my personal quarters with a new roommate, Ensign Aurorabelle.
She makes a great first impression, with all the professionalism one would expect of Starfleet personnel...except...she is an Orion. I know, I know, they're not all slavers and pirates and they've been part of the Federation for years now, and my interactions with Ensign Aurorabelle have been nothing but pleasant. She's a delight to have around. The issue is one of...uh...biology.
The effects of an Orion's natural pheromones on the minds of other species is well documented, and while the Ensign is taking prescription pheromone suppressants, apparently she's rather forgetful at times.
...she's been here less than a week and already this is the third time I've caught her bringing other crewmembers back to our quarters.
Ensign Aurorabelle alleges that she herself is not immune to the aphrodisiac effects of her own pheromones - though my research into Orion biology suggests this is a deception - and by the time she notices them starting to take effect it's already far too late for her lust-addled mind to navigate her way out of its haze...
Personally, I think part of her just enjoys having her crewmates - even some superior officers - mindlessly fawning over her, endlessly praising her beauty.
...she's just so cute like that...ehe...and, it's only natural that everyone would want to tell her how absurdly pretty she is, gosh, just being in the same room as her makes my heart all fluttery, and-
...oh no.

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Posted on 2023-11-21 06:10:04
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Man those old style Star fleet uniforms are a deep cut. Also I loved that lil "bruh".

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Posted on 2023-11-21 07:50:35
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The uniforms are actually an original design! We wanted something that evoked that classic Trek feel, but was a little sleeker and cooler lookin', and also not explicitly married to any one time period in Trek. After a whole lot of playing around with comboing different elements we liked from various iterations, this was the result... I think they turned out pretty good!