animal_ears ass black_hair blue_eyes blush breasts breath butt_plug cleavage cleavage_cutout clothed_exposure crotch_rub empty_eyes fake_animal_ears fake_tail female_only femdom femsub fingerless_gloves fox_girl gloves glowing_eyes grey_hair hand_on_head happy_trance high_heels hypnovember kneeling large_breasts mistress_velai_(darknessneon/penken) multicolored_hair natasha_hinoa_(anno) nipples nude open_mouth opera_gloves original panting pet_play ponytail porniky pussy pussy_juice short_hair sitting smile spiral_background spread_legs tail thigh_boots tongue tongue_out whistle white_hair yellow_eyes

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Posted on 2023-11-22 03:24:18
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Artist Commentary:

Hypnovember day 21 - Petplay

Commissioned by @AnnoHypno and captioned by @Danknessneon

"An alternate ending for the clash of Natasha and Velai. But this time, Nat is the victorious one, with a new fox girl to play with!"

Natasha (c) Anno

Velai (c) Seth