ass bell_collar bimbofication brain_drain breast_expansion breasts chastity collar femsub furry futanari futasub gloves heart_eyes husdur injection large_ass leggings malesub miniskirt multiple_subs my_little_pony nipple_piercing opera_gloves original pegasus_boy pegasus_futa pegasus_girl penis piercing pussy pussy_juice resisting spiral_eyes symbol_in_eyes tech_control transformation

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Posted on 2023-11-22 23:30:53
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That looks like a fun machine~

>> #526873
Posted on 2023-11-23 13:58:15
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Looking to be hypnotized? Have your IQ lowered? Be turned into a bimbo doll? An empty drone? I'm offering that and more!
Message me on here or add me on discord!
Disc: Greenbyte#3510
If you want something other than what is said in this offer don't be afraid to ask!