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Posted on 2023-12-01 00:00:51
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Story from source:

Icarus had just gotten a job at the local video store, it was quite boring most of the time and often he found himself eating the snacks and listening to music while he worked, sometimes he had the odd customer come in and they look for hard to find tapes. Icarus was unpacking a new shipment of overseas tapes, unknowingly having received a cursed tape in the mix, the film was called Army of the Damned and had been quite a hard find apparently, while unpacking the tapes he took a break to have a snack when a customer comes in, quickly distracted he doesnt seem to notice the glowing tape as the curse starts, a magic hand slipping into Icaruss shorts tugging them free and soon a demonic bat appears, quickly wrapping around the worker and hypnotizing him, then in the blink of an eye, Icaruss cock was buried balls deep in the demons pussy, the magic quickly taking over his body unable to resist he starts to pound the succubus into the counter, eyes hypnotized, the bat mentioning how easy it was to corrupt and harvest mortals. It wasnt long before the bat got what it came for, Icarus soon was unable to hold back as he floods that demonic womb with his thick seed, impregnating and breeding the bat, the sigil glowing on the bats tummy showing the deed was done and the curse was going to be lifted after a few days.

The next day an extra copy of Army of the Damned was seen and the curse was going to begin again.

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Posted on 2023-12-14 15:25:47
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i wish i were to of gotten brainwashed