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Posted on 2024-02-12 18:46:22
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Jean: We could claim Rebecca just send new brainwashing protocol via the message you sent and "tells" us to use it to make us immune to any potential tampering that wasn't approved of by Rebecca.

Carmen: That could work. and if Wendy ask why, We'll just use the truth and admit the master out there-

Jean: Hence the safety precaution, I see what you did there.

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Posted on 2024-02-12 20:20:59
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I still hope Rebecca at the very least realizes shes no better than her master

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Posted on 2024-02-12 21:25:33
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Nice artwork/story ^^

Wherever this goes I just hope it doesn't end up with Rebecca completely taking over. The rebel harem/loyal harem 2-faction system is interesting, the Master taking over again but having learned to be better might also be interesting, but Becca taking over as mistress isn't an outcome I hope to see.

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Posted on 2024-02-12 21:39:55
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(Tammy, i meant Tammy in the first post).

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Posted on 2024-02-13 03:12:26
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Yay one bunny down, one to go. Then the master will have two new wonderful servants to spoil ^^