androgynous_dom beard black_hair black_lipstick blue_eyes bulge coils colorrings dark_skin dazed dmitri_"remmy"_romanenkov_(notfromoz) dungeons_and_dragons erection erection_under_clothes from_behind hairy happy_trance himbo kaa_eyes lipstick long_hair malesub muscle_boy naga_girl original red_hair restrained ring_eyes simple_background smile standing standing_at_attention tailjob topless underwear

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Posted on 2024-02-15 09:23:50
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Got this commission done recently by ColorRings as part of their holiday sale! I asked for any naga they pleased to wrap Knight Captain Ser Dmitri Romanenkov up in their coils and show him a good time, and by golly did they ever deliver! Remmy's having a great time! See?