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>> #535402
Posted on 2024-02-15 18:18:28
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I feel like Wendy might not be as devoted as she appears. With the amount of foreshadowing we've been getting in this chapter, I can easily see there being a second rebellion.

>> #535405
Posted on 2024-02-15 18:45:58
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@hypnofan100 This page isn't meant to set up any future rebellion with Wendy, I just thought it's an interesting scenario to put her in. She's brainwashed alright, but since so much of it has conditioned her to obey a specific person she's hasn't actually had any contact with, she can't experience the full extent of her brainwashing until her unseen owner finally comes to take control of her life.

So when Tammy started talking like a rebel, Wendy was particularly prone to getting cold feet listening to her, because she doesn't yet have anything to contradict what she's saying. Wendy wouldn't have had this reaction if she already had the blindingly pleasurable experience of obeying her Master to drown out doubts with.

>> #535407
Posted on 2024-02-15 19:01:48
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Happy hypno bunnies make for happy readers =3

>> #535410
Posted on 2024-02-15 19:55:11
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Oh. I guess I misinterpreted her doubts and that reference to changing allegiances earlier. I guess part of me is hoping for a second rebellion, but I'm just happy the bunnies are where they belong now...sort of

>> #535492
Posted on 2024-02-16 07:00:57
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@hypnofan100 Don't worry, another rebellion story is never out of the question, I just meant to clarify that it's not what this particular arc is setting up.