ahoge bangs blue_eyes brown_hair devildance dialogue dildo empty_eyes female_only femsub hair_covering_one_eye hair_ornament ichika_nakano itsuki_nakano japanese_text long_hair looking_at_viewer maledom miku_nakano multiple_girls multiple_subs navel nino_nakano nipples nude open_mouth pink_hair preview pubic_hair pussy red_hair sex_toy short_hair simple_background standing standing_at_attention straight-cut_bangs text the_quintessential_quintuplets thigh_gap translated twintails

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Posted on 2024-02-18 03:21:52
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Artist Commentary:

Thank you very much for your request!

This was a request on skeb for a 5-toubon (Quints) hypnotized masturbation.
The sisters are hypnotized and all decide to observe Yotsuba having sex with a strange man.
The more they watch, the more aroused they become, and they do whatever they want with the tools in front of them and their own fingers...
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Posted on 2024-02-18 19:50:26
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Sounds like a good class to me hehehe~ <3