animal_ears bare_breasts before_and_after black_sclera blush bottomless breasts brown_hair cleavage cleavage_cutout clothed_exposure coin comic crop_top demon demon_girl dialogue drool eyebrows_visible_through_hair eyelashes fangs female_only femdom femsub gin_(sobergin) groping hand_on_hip happy_trance horns instant_loss jeans large_breasts long_hair mantra midriff monster_girl multicolored_hair multiple_arms navel nipples open_mouth original pendulum red_skin sharp_teeth shirt shirt_lift short_hair shortstack sideboob signature simple_background sitting smile smirk smug sobergin socks spiral_eyes standing sweater tail tan_skin tank_top text tight_clothing undressing veronica_(invisible11) white_hair yellow_eyes

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Posted on 2024-02-22 21:21:54
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Me FINALLY doing my half of the art trade with Invisible11, jfc.

Here we have a self-insert OC of mine hypnotizing his OC for some good old enslave-and-ensnuggle (ensnuggle is totally a word shh)

>> #536205
Posted on 2024-02-23 06:52:07
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Anything can be a real word if you believe

>> #539590
Posted on 2024-03-31 07:18:03
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(As my name might suggest) I appreciate the pun "hypnOC"!