backpack beehive_hair blue_eyes blush braces bunny_girl cleavage coupytf dress earrings feather_duster furry gloves hand_on_hip high_heels large_breasts lipstick long_hair messy_hair necklace nerdification original piercing pink_background purple_hair sakura_(gamin_gryff) shorts sneakers stepfordization t-shirt thighs transformation

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Posted on 2024-03-18 00:03:09
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For the fiftieth pierce of art onsite featuring my girl, I wanted to do a psuedo-sequel to my original Duality picture. But rather than clownify or gothify here this time we have two new forms of transformation for everyone's favorite fashion bunny: nerdified and stepfordized!

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Posted on 2024-03-18 13:02:58
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Honestly, if I saw this pic anywhere else but on Hypnohub, I would've thought they were mother and daughter.

But honestly, while stepford is nice, the Nerd version of her definitely appeals more to me personally.

Very nice pic either way.