bra female_only femsub flesh_(manipper) furry glasses grey_skin looking_at_viewer looking_back manip night_creep open_mouth panties pink_hair raccoon_girl shirt short_skirt skirt solo spiralwash_eyes standing tagme teacher text trigger unaware underwear whiteboard

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Posted on 2024-04-01 01:25:29
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Simple manip from a while back, I just haven't posted it here.
Simple thing, but I think the use of a whiteboard is a neat (if not exactly original) idea.

>> #539686
Posted on 2024-04-01 10:14:40
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first time I've seen it, and I kinda love it~

>> #539876
Posted on 2024-04-03 06:02:03
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The idea of the tags on the whiteboard. Man I want to see stories using those ideas, a girl normal, except for these easily abused triggers. So good.

>> #539918
Posted on 2024-04-03 21:26:43
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Yeah, they're pretty basic abusable triggers, which is pretty hot.
I feel like an issue when trying to write stuff with that is making it interesting instead of just the "realistic" option of "obey my every command, you are now my slave" as the first suggestion.